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There’s a wave of ransomware coming down the pipeline. What can you do about it?

Sponsored The Colonial Pipeline attack earlier this year showed just how devastating a ransomware attack is when it is targeted at critical infrastructure.

It also illustrated how traditional security techniques are increasingly struggling to keep pace with determined cyber attackers, whether their aim is exfiltrating data, extorting organisations, or simply causing chaos. Or, indeed an unpleasant combination of all three.

So, what are your options? More people looking for more flaws isn’t going to be enough – there simply aren’t enough skilled people, there are too many bugs, and there are way too many attackers. So, it’s clear that smart cyber defenders need to be supplemented by even smarter technology incorporating AI. You can learn what this looks like by checking out this upcoming Regcast, “Securing Critical Infrastructure from Cyber-attack” on October 28 at 5pm.

Tim Phillips, our own broadcast control system, will be joined by Dark Trace’s director for cyber intelligence and analysis, Justin Fier, who will explain just why OT is so vulnerable to cyber attack.

Together, they’ll walk through what the next wave of OT attacks will look like, and what the possible consequences could be. Here’s a hint – pretty dreadful.

But they’ll also examine why an AI-based approach to securing critical infrastructure closes the gap in securing their vital systems.

Smart systems need smart people to run them, and you’ll certainly be that little bit smarter for attending this session.

All you need to do is head to the registration page here and drop in a few details. We’ll make sure your diary is updated and even give you a little nudge on the day.

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