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Tips on meeting complex cloud security challenges

Webinar Dealing with the double trouble of relentless cyber threats and regular technology refresh cycles can stretch already overworked security practitioners. And orchestrating the transition to cloud-native applications and multi-cloud architectures doesn’t make things any easier.

Multi cloud might bring flexibility, but it can also increase the risk of misconfiguration and malicious attacks for example. Automation can help here by providing a more effective way for policy management practices to keep ahead of the game.

Palo Alto Networks has built a cloud-native application protection platform, Prisma® Cloud, which aims to do just that. It offers ‘code-to-cloud’ security which enables you to automate the monitoring and management of security across cloud infrastructures through its automated policy management capabilities.

You can hear more on the subject from the company itself by joining the Register’s webinar on 26 February 5pm GMT/12pm ET/9am PT. Palo Alto Networks solutions architects leader Alex Pai will give you a rundown on the range of automated policy management options in Prisma Cloud, provide in-product demonstrations and show you how to clone and enhance existing policies while applying them to a wide range of public cloud services using the different service integrations.

Alex will also highlight the platform’s advanced automated remediation capabilities, show you how to set up alerts for responsible parties, automate ticket creation for efficient tracking and quickly generate pull requests from the code base while making automatic changes to your code and cloud configurations.

This promises to be a very interesting session for the hand-on security practitioners amongst you. Sign up to watch it here and we’ll send you a reminder so you don’t forget.

Sponsored by Palo Alto + Accenture.