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What does software supply chain pain really feel like? Find out right here

Webinar The explosion of open-source projects in recent years has allowed organizations to build ever more complex architectures using their pick of components developed by specialists or “the community”.

Unfortunately, it has also given the cybercriminal community new routes to break into systems, either by exploiting existing vulnerabilities in the software supply chain or by surreptitiously inserting their own.

So just imagine how you’d feel if you found out that a software component or library that you’d developed had a vulnerability that left not just you, but your downstream customers and partners open to attack?

Well, you can get a vivid taste of what it’s like by tuning into this upcoming webinar, Supply Chain Pain, streaming here on July 27 at 3pm, courtesy Immersive Labs.

In this session you’re thrust into the role of a CISO at a software development company, whose clientele includes Fortune 500 companies. An enviable position, to be sure. Until you’re informed by security team that they have uncovered a back door in your popular third party library.

You, and hundreds of thousands of customers are now vulnerable to a targeted attack, and you have just five days until makes the information public so that organizations can take mitigation actions.

The clock is ticking, your adrenaline is pumping. What are you, and your crisis team, going to do?

Don’t worry. You’re not entirely alone, because Immersive Labs has assembled a crack team of experts to guide you through what to do. And what not to do.

Of course, you never want to be in this situation for real. But by heading here, registering, and joining Immersive Labs on July 27 you’ll be better prepared if you are.

Good luck.

Sponsored by Immersive Labs.