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What’s it like on the cyber frontline? Find out in this online session

Paid post When’s the ideal time to reexamine your cybersecurity and data-protection guidelines?

It’s definitely not when your systems have been breached. You know the only thing that’s going to get your organization back into business is a clean backup, and you can’t be sure such a thing actually exists.

The UK’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) advises entities on how to become resilient against cyber attacks, though organizations often find it daunting to implement the recommendations.

Get the ultimate insider view by joining this webinar, which sees Ciaran Martin, founder of the UK’s National Cyber Security Center, in conversation with Rubrik’s field CTO EMEA James Blake on April 14 at 11.00 BST.

During Ciaran’s tenure at NCSC, the UK moved from eighth to first place in the ITU’s Global Security Index, with the NCSC’s approach and guidelines being adopted by numerous other countries.

This is in large part because of the NCSC’s reputation for combining technical excellence with clear and prompt advice that consumers, and public and private organizations, can easily put into practice.

Before joining Rubrik, James was advisory CISO for ServiceNow. He also led on Cyber Security Excellence at JPMorgan Chase and was CISO at Mimecast.

By bringing together these two highly experienced operators, this session will give you an overview of the current cyber landscape, including the latest threats and opportunities.

And it will take you through the practical steps that your organization can take to blunt a cyber-attack. And because breaches are inevitable, it will examine the steps you need to take to ensure that your data is both protected, and available to ensure a speedy recovery.

The discussion will also demonstrate how Rubrik’s product set matches NCSC’s guidelines, both when it comes to data protection and data security.

Wherever you are with your security strategy, you can never afford to be complacent. By heading here, registering, and joining this unique session on April 14, you’ll gain deep practical insight into where the opposition stands – and where you stand.

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