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What’s the biggest threat to your best-laid plans? Events, dear boy. Events

Webinar You can’t predict when a disaster will strike your organisation, whether it’s extreme weather, workplace violence, or a cyber attack.

But you can accept that all the above, and more, are distinct possibilities. Some, in fact, are virtually guaranteed – ransomware comes to mind.

And once you’ve faced up to this, you can start planning how to coordinate the systems and people you’ll need to manage your way through. But you’ll also need to consider how to protect the people and systems that aren’t immediately needed but could still be affected.

That might sound like a daunting process, but your first step is as simple as joining our upcoming webinar, How to Build a Resilient Response Plan, today – November 18 – at 0900 PT (1200 ET, 1700 UTC).

Your host will be the always coordinated Tim Phillips, who will be joined by Bill Reese of Everbridge.

They’ll be discussing the key elements of a resilient response plan that protects both your systems and your people.

That includes how to put together a team that combines technology and business smarts, and what to look for in a toolset to deliver real resilience.

And they’ll also discuss both the training and automation processes you should be contemplating to ensure an effective response, whatever the nature and size of the event you’re planning for. Even if you don’t know precisely what it is…

Signing up is easy. Head to our registration page, drop in a few details, and we’ll send over more info.

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