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What’s the secret behind a secure password?

Webinar Passwords are the first line of defense against bad actors gaining illegal access to data, a protective rampart that too often falls to common mistakes and increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

In a risky online environment, we shouldn’t make it easier for hackers through bad practices like password recycling and using the same password across multiple platforms. And as for basic sequencing, surely that’s just an invitation to attack?

Strong passwords in themselves aren’t the whole story but they can play a critical role in a super smart defense system alert to all the security risks your organization faces. But how does a busy IT management team beat the bots sequencing passwords in seconds?

Join The Register’s very own Tim Phillips as he chews the fat with Darren James from Specops on 14 September at 6am EDT/3am PT/11am BST in a wide-ranging discussion examining the risks your organization faces, how best to audit for vulnerabilities and how to implement best practice to keep your data secure.

Amongst other things, you’ll hear how Specops Software’s native Active Directory solutions can identify password related vulnerabilities and protect data by blocking weak and compromised user passwords, as well as implementing secure user authentication.

Register for our “No compromise password security” webinar here and we will send you a reminder.

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