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Will you meet the directive?

Sponsored Post Imminent changes to cyber security regulations in the US and Europe demand that public and private sector organizations on both side of the Atlantic keep a close eye on their compliance.

The new Securities Exchange Commission mandate announced in July will be enforced on 18 of December this year for example, making it imperative for an organization to report any cyber incidents, produce a Cyber Report that sets out its cyber health, and make sure that management and security teams have sufficient cyber expertise.

The US Department of Defense (DoD) 8140.3 directive will be enforced by 25-26 February 2024, and specifies that anybody working within the DoD, including contractors, allied nations and military personnel, must validate their cyber skill set.

The European Union NIS II Directive calls for compliance by 17 October 2024 and requires Critical Sector Organizations operating in member states (including digital service providers like search engines, cloud providers and online marketplaces) to take appropriate security measures and notify relevant national authorities of serious incidents.

Navigating this maze of new cyber security regulation can be a headache for IT departments and security teams, which is why SANS has put together its Cyber Compliance Countdown event to help.

This virtual event kicks off at 10am EDT on Thursday 2 November with a panel hosted by SANS Director of Business Development for GIAC, Brian Correia who will be picking the brains of the officials behind these regulatory initiatives to help outline the compliance mission ahead of you.

Next up is SANS Principal Instructor Steve Armstrong-Godwin offering advice on what do to during a cyber incident and how to get your incident response plans thoroughly tested to minimize the chances of your organization getting caught out when threats strike. Steve will also discuss what organizations can do ahead of the new regulations coming into force in terms of training and team cohesion, so you’re ready to comply from day one.

After lunch Enclave Security principal consultant and SANS Senior Instructor James Tarala steps up to the podium to deliver a detailed analysis of the new cyber security guidelines and offer advice on which solutions you could harness to help you meet their requirements.

You can access the full SANS Cyber Compliance Countdown agenda here.

Sponsored by SANS.