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You don’t need another hero…you need an automated incident response process

Webinar Have you got a few of those special people who can deal quickly and efficiently with any “incident”, preventing it escalating into a full-blown crisis.

The sort of professional who knows exactly what levers to pull to get your IT ops or development workflow back on track, so quickly that the wider organisation barely registers the fact that something went awry in the first place.

Congratulations. Now, what do you do the other two thirds of the day when they’re eating, sleeping, or even just getting on with their day job?

The fact is you can’t rely on a few heroes to keep your organization running when an incident occurs. You need a remediation and recovery strategy, and the appropriate automation and communication tools to implement it

You can see exactly what this looks like by joining our upcoming webinar, “The Impact of Automating Incident Response” on June 22 at 1pm.

The master of ceremonies will be our own Tim Phillips, who will be joined by Franz Kjartansson of Advania Ísland who will be explaining how his organization is automating incident response, along with Everbridge’s Paul Porter.

Together they’ll chew over the question of “who is picking up that message?” But they’ll also explain how process automation can improve remediation, saving both cost, and equally importantly, time.

They’ll show you how you can automate incident response for your operations team, and how to implement automated communications, including escalations and updates, as necessary.

All you need to do to join in is head here and drop in a few details. We’ll even update your calendar and remind you on the day. We’re not saying the future is certain, but you can be certain how your team will react to it.