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Your software supply chain is under attack – how are you going to react?

Paid Post Imagine if someone told you that your software has a backdoor that leaves you vulnerable to cyberattack – along with your entire downstream customer base?

This is the sort of situation facing more and more companies, as cybercriminals not only take advantage of existing vulnerabilities in the open-source ecosystem, but actively work to inject their own, giving them the chance to attack supply chains at their leisure.

But while nothing can make you fully immune to the gut-wrenching panic this sort of scenario can induce, you can prepare with this webinar, courtesy of cyber workforce optimization platform, Immersive Labs.

In this vivid simulation, you are the CISO of a software development company that has received the fateful information from Microsoft’s security team that they have uncovered a backdoor in your third party library, exposing not just you, but hundreds of thousands of your customers.

With five days until the putative flaw is publicly disclosed, the clock is ticking. Loudly.

This session, featuring a panel of experts from Immersive Labs, takes you through the decision-making process you would face as you try to protect your own organisation as well your customers.

It’s not just the integrity of your technology assets that’s at stake – there’s the broader human factor to consider. A vulnerability like this, never mind an all-out attack, can have catastrophic effects on customer loyalty and trust, corporate reputations and share prices, and can quickly draw down the wrath of regulators.

It can also pique the interest of powerful third parties – from competing organisations to criminal groups to hostile states.

It’s this sort of wide-ranging, real world, war gaming that’s at the heart of Immersive Labs’ approach to enhancing organisations’ cybersecurity readiness with a platform that combines gamified training content and in-depth simulations as well as giving them deep insight into their people’s skills.

And by people, we really do mean the entire organisation. Because responding to cyberthreats can no longer be left to dedicated security specialists but must be the responsibility of the entire organisation. Not least because there simply aren’t enough dedicate security specialists out there.

So, how would you and your team react when the worst really did happen? Don’t wait to find out. Head here and register for this lab today.

Sponsored by Immsersive Labs